About Me:
I was an only child for the first ten years of my life, growing up in Dearborn, Michigan. During that time, my closest companions were my Grandma Mae and books. I read early and well and lost myself in stories as often as possible.  

My mother, Jeanne, gave me the gift of reading. She often took me to the Dearborn Public Library (at that time, the Bryant Branch was the Main Library) where I imagined many things in front of the beautiful dollhouse on the second floor and between the pages of many books. Then, when I was eight years old, living in our small ranch house on New York Street, an amazing thing happened. The city built the Snow Branch Library only five blocks away. For a child like me, that was like having Disney World built in my neighborhood!

When I was ten, my siblings, Karen, David, and Glen, began to arrive and within three years, not only was I no longer an only child, but we were a family of four children. I spent a great deal of time caring for my younger brothers and sister, especially reading to them. To this day, when I read a Dr. Seuss book aloud to children, I am transported back in time to that Danish modern couch in our living room, surrounded by the three of them.

As a teenager, I started my writing career as a poet and an anthologist. I spent hours at the Formica kitchen table, copying out poems in longhand into spiral bound notebooks. I selected huge stacks of books each week at the library, and always, several volumes of poetry. I read these poetry books and marked my favorites with scraps of paper. Then, after dinner, when my homework was finished and the dinner table was cleared, I would sit and copy out the poems I loved. 

That is how I learned to write. I read and re-read and listened to the words I was reading in my mind. Then I copied them out and listened to them again.  I learned to write poetry in that long apprenticeship. Years later, when I was working my way through college, I began to publish my poetry in the college literary magazines, and I began to think of myself as a real writer. Since then, I have always written, in one way or another, publishing in many places and formats. 

As a teenager, I also started my library career. Again, there was a long apprenticeship.  I worked first as a "page" shelving books at the Dearborn Public Library, in that old stone building with the huge dollhouse outside the children’s room.  At 18, I took my first full time job as a library clerk, earning money to pay for the college classes I took at night, earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English. From there, I progressed through a variety of paraprofessional positions, learning along the way how much I still loved the library’s children’s department.

After college, I moved with my husband Ken to Buxton, Maine where we bought an old farmhouse and many acres of the colonial farm. There we raised plenty of vegetables and flowers, a couple of dogs, and our son Topher.

Things all came full circle when, in 1988, after teaching writing at the high school and college level for many years, I took my first job as a children’s librarian at the Baxter Memorial Library in Gorham, Maine. I soon enrolled in a second master’s degree program in library and information science and went on to work as a school librarian for sixteen years.

In 1995, I began to write for children. I continued my apprenticeship in that 
work for five years, and though I didn’t sit at a kitchen table copying longhand anymore, those early years reminded me of my first writing experiences, so long ago, as I read large stacks of books each week and learned from what is best in them. 

Since then, I have published twenty-one books for children and eleven books for teachers and librarians. These days, I live in two homes. From May through December, I still live in the Buxton farmhouse where I have a small writing cottage above the stream (Click HERE to watch a video about my writing cottage). But in the snowy winter months, Ken and I move to sunny Sarasota, Florida where red hibiscus flowers bloom outside my office window and snowy egrets hunt for a lunch of lizards.WRITING_COTTAGE.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0
Highlights and 
Personal Honors

BA English Language and Literature 
University of Michigan, Dearborn 
MA English Language and Literature 
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
MLIS Library and Information Science 
University of Rhode Island, Kingston 
Maine Library Media Specialist of the Year 
Winner of SCBWI Barbara Karlin Grant for 
The Sea Chest (Dial 2002)
University of Michigan-Dearborn School of Education Alumnus of the Year

Toni (age 3) and Grandma Mae reading.

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