It's Adventure Annie Saturday! Annie Grace zips into the kitchen to find out what's on the agenda. But it's not a mountaintop adventure or a jungle adventure today. Mommy has gotten an urgent call from work: Her big report is missing and she'll have to go to the office to find it.
A Big Report Treasure Hunt?
Not exactly what Annie Grace had in mind. But she's a kid who knows how to energize any event--even this one.
Adventure Annie to the Rescue!
For all those kids who wish they could go along with Mommy or Daddy to work, and for those occasions where their parents' work, and for those occasions when their parents' jobs get in the way of family fun, here's a rambunctious, silly,  triumphant tale--a genuine  office adventure. 

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Adventure Annie 
Goes to Work 

by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Amy Wummer 
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2009.
ISBN: 977-80803732339
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At the coatrack Mommy reaches for my cape.
"No, no!" I say. "Adventure Annie needs her cape for treasure hunting!”
"I have a better idea," Mommy says.
She rolls a chair up close to her desk.
She hands me paper and pencils and tape.
"You work while I go hunting down the hall."
But office work isn't Adventure Annie work.
Treasure hunting is!
 I sneak out the door and tiptoe in the other direction.
"A strong mother-and-daughter story with an exuberant lead, this uplifting selection is full of everyday fun as well as being a nice depiction of the usefulness of organizational and map-making skills.  A winning choice for both classroom and home." —Kirkus

"The bright, full-color pencil and watercolor pictures are set against ample white space and show the warm relationship between mother and daughter.  This is an office adventure that children will want to experience and a heroine they'll love meeting." —Marge Loch-Wouters, Menasha Public Library, WI, School Library Journal 

"The big, cartoon-style pencil-and-watercolor pictures show how Annie makes a treasure hunt out of the search for the folder. [Young kids] will identify with the intrepid kid who finds treasure where grown-ups are lost." —Hazel Rockman, Booklist
Woodbridge Public Library Pick of the Decade 2000-2010 Selection.
Hardcover $16.99
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