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Fire Up with Reading: 
A Mrs. Skorupski Story

by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa 
UpstartBooks, 2007.
ISBN:  978-1932146912
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In a school-wide challenge, Liberty Elementary School students compete to see which class can read the most minutes and place 5,000 scales on their paper dragons. Patty Lee desperately wants to be the top reader in the fourth grade and earn the right to wear the dragon costume in the parade – but will Carmen Rosa Peña read her out of the running? Patty Lee turns to Mrs. Skorupski for a new plan that might put her at the top. The race is on as Patty Lee devours books, read-alouds, and audio books. 
Carmen is watching, and formulating her own plan! Who will win?

Meet Mrs. Skorupski, the librarian who designed the Fire Up with Reading program!

"On the first day of school, a dragon danced down the center aisle of the Liberty School auditorium.

I noticed fire engine tights.  I spotted a dragon ring on the left pinky.

'Good Grief, Patty Lee!' Carmen Rosa Pena poked me hard. 'Who is THAT?'

'It's Mrs. Skorupski,' I whispered. 'You can tell by her accessories.'"

“The second Mrs. Skorupski story, Fire Up With Reading! is a children's picture book that enthusiastically celebrates the joy of reading . . . The exuberant color illustrations suit this gung-ho cheerful tale perfectly.” 
—Midwest Book Review

“It is a great book for children, as well as for teachers who could use it for “thought teaching” help. The pictures are great because they really depict what is going on. The colorful cover will attract children to the book. It is a readable book with manageable vocabulary.” —Naomi Butler, Children's Literature

“Mrs. Skorupski, the irrepressible librarian of Liberty School, launches a new reading campaign.  Carmen and Patty attempt to out-read one another utilizing a multitude of strategies to become the top fourth grade reader.” —Library Media Connection

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