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Inside the Books : 
Readers and Libraries 
Around the World
by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Jude Daily 
UpstartBooks, 2012. 
ISBN: 978-1602130586
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"Beginning with an American library in which many children would feel at home, this rhyming book introduces six other libraries around the world... Delicate, detailed illustrations capture both the uniqueness of these libraries and the evident pleasure of their young patrons." —Mary Jean Smith, School Library Journal

"This large-format picture book takes children to each continent for a view of libraries around the world, including a tiny school library in Antarctica, a donkey-cart traveling library in Africa, and a train car converted into a library in South America...Daly’s paintings are precise and elegant, yet mysterious. The global perspective makes this an unusual addition to picture-book collections." —Carolyn Phelan, Booklist

All across the world, on every continent, there are libraries filled with books. Some libraries are big, and others small. Some libraries sit on land, others float on water, and still others nestle amidst ice and snow. Some libraries even bump along in wheel barrows!

In this gentle homage to books and libraries, the author reminds us of the extraordinary possibilities that lie inside every book and introduces us to many unique places these treasures can be found. 
I love to look 
inside the books.

They beckon me
from wooden shelves
that guard the stories
hidden there . . .

A girl, a boy,
a special toy,
a wise and gentle
little bear.
Hardcover $17.95 
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