About the book:
A heartwarming story of family and the holiday spirit, in the tradition of The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree.
Frances is determined to make Christmas jolly for her younger brother, even if it means joining family on the mainland and leaving Papa behind on their isolated lighthouse island. After all, would Santa even know how to find them in this faraway spot? But when Christmas Eve is ushered in on a wild storm and Papa risks his life to rescue a drowning man, the children realize that the most important thing about the holiday is being together.
As in all great Christmas stories, a happy ending is in store, and Santa finds them after all. Cozy and nostalgic, this story was inspired by the Flying Santa program, a New England tradition since 1929. It’s the perfect book for a family to read together in front of the fire on Christmas morning.

STARRED REVIEW: “There's a charmingly nostalgic feel both to the story and to the illustrations, which convey a sense of time and place and are very appealing. A lovely tradition and a lovely book.”—Mara Alpert, School Library Journal

“What I'm grateful for this Christmas is that rather than bang readers over the head, Buzzeo and Carpenter end their story on a quiet note of inclusion involving a one-eared cat. Here is true grace in unlikely surroundings--away in a manger, so to speak."—Bruce Handy, New York Times Book Review 12-4-11
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“A gentle but dramatic story of an earlier time, when just one care package could make a happy Christmas for an entire family.”—Kirkus
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Lighthouse Christmas 

by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Nancy Carpenter
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2011.
ISBN:  978-0803730533

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2012 The Time of Wonder Award
CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center) 2012 Choice Book
Bank Street College Best Books of the Year Selection
Finalist Stephen Kroll/PEN Picture Book Award
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