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Our Librarian 
Won't Tell Us ANYTHING! 
A Mrs. Skorupski Story 

by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa 
UpstartBooks, 2006.
ISBN: 978-1932146738
"Mrs. Skorupski won't tell you ANYTHING!" That's what Carmen, a fourth-grader at Liberty Elementary, tells everyone about the school librarian.  Fortunately, her new classmate Robert doesn't believe her and marches right over to ask Mrs. Skorpuski question after question.  Mrs. Skorupski's eyes twinkle and her rhinestone glasses sparkle as she leads Robert to the tools he needs to find the answers.  Carmen scowls as she watches Robert become a Library Success Story, but eventually comes around as she realizes that Mrs. Skorupski can teach them ANYTHING!
Join Robert and Carmen in the wonderful and wacky world of Mrs. Skorupski's library, and soon you'll be a Library Success Story too!

Meet Mrs. Skorupski, the librarian who won't tell you ANYTHING!

"Through the double glass doors I could see the story alcove, the animal skeleton collection, twelve student computers with swivel chairs, and thousands and thousands of books.  Everywhere kids were reading on beanbag chairs, typing at computers, or standing in the check-out line.  More kids crowded around a tall blond woman holding a video camera.  Her tarantula earrings dangled below her rhinestone glasses."
“In other words, she's a perfect school librarian... This amusing story with bright, zippy illustrations can be used to launch research units.”
—School Library Journal

“The full-page illustrations are lively and portray a busy and exciting modern school media center. This book would be a perfect read-aloud to introduce a class to the research process and to create some understanding for the role of a librarian as teacher.”
—Library Media Connection

“Written by School Library Media Specialist Toni Buzzeo for children in grades 3-5, and illustrated by mixed media artist Sachiko Yoshikawa, Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything! is a wonderful picture book about a school librarian who never answers questions directly - instead, she gives young people the tools to find out the answers for themselves!”
—Midwest Book ReviewOUR_LIBRARIAN_WONT_TELL_US_ANYTHING!_A_MRS._SKORUPSKI_STORY_files/realmrs.skorupski.pdf
Hardcover $17.95
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