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Paging Doctor Popper—Mistreated Library Books Need Help STAT! 

Poor Penelope. She desperately wants to be a doctor. She has everything she needs—a lab coat, a medical bag and even an identification badge! But Penelope’s friends are growing weary of her constant ministration, and one afternoon a discouraged Penelope finds herself without a patient in sight. 

Fortunately Ms. Brisco, the librarian, knows just how to help. Over the next few days, Ms. Brisco introduces Penelope to a world of doctoring that she never imagined. In all corners of the library, there are books that need care. Some are smudged with dirt, some have torn or dog-eared pages and some are bent and crumpled. One has even been chewed! Penelope immediately turns her attention to learning how to mend mishandled books. She listens closely. She trains hard. And when the moment suddenly comes for her to save a “patient” all on her own, Penelope Popper, Book Doctor is ready! In this charming story about the importance of book care, one small girl rises to great heights as she learns to heal her library, one book at a time.

“This book teaches respect and care for the objects around us and is a sure way to excite readers about the library. The gentle illustrations carry the theme of the story. This story is a prime example of children gaining knowledge and feeling good about their accomplishments.” —Missy Van Dusen, Library Media Connection

“Toni Buzzeo has written an endearing and useful book on taking care of and repairing books. And the librarian is the heroine!” —Anna Campos, Catholic Library World

“The upbeat narrative is further enlivened by cheerful illustrations depicting Penelope, an earnest girl with red hair and freckles, in her bright and pleasant classroom and school library. With its soft edges and palette of springtime colors, each painting reflects the positive tone of the story. Readers will cheer Penelope on in pursuit of her dream to have a medical career while they learn the importance of treating books with respect.”    —Linda L. Walkins, School Library Journal

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Penelope Popper, 
Book Doctor 

by Toni Buzzeo
illustrated by Jana Christy
UpstartBooks, 2011.
ISBN:  978-1602130548
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Hardcover $17.95
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