35 Best Books for Teaching U.S. Regions: Using Fiction to Help Students Explore the Geography, History, and Cultures of the Seven U.S. Regions—and Link Literature to Social Studies
Scholastic Professional, 2002
ISBN: 978-0439207638

Take your students on a learning-packed trip across the U.S. with books they’ll love! This resource includes background information, activity ideas, reproducibles, and Internet connections to help you use 35 great novels as springboards to social studies learning.
The Collaboration Handbook
Linworth, 2008
ISBN: 978-1586832988

“In this succinct guide, Buzzeo paints a picture of how media specialists can use instructional collaboration to transform a media program and increase student achievement.” —School Library Journal
Collaborating to Meet Literacy Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for K-2
Linworth, 2007
ISBN: 978-1586831899

"An essential book that models cooperative relationships between library media specialists and teachers in establishing and reaching classroom literacy goals.” —Catholic Library World 
Collaborating to Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for K-6. 
Second Edition 
Linworth, 2007
ISBN: 978-1586833022

“For library media specialists who wish to collaborate with teachers, this book will be a must-read. For those who already collaborate with teachers, it will provide examples of what other teachers have done and examples of handouts and rubrics which could be adapted to other units. Index. Highly Recommended." —Library Media Connection
Collaborating to Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for 7-12
Linworth, 2002
ISBN: 978-1586830243

“Meshing current research on teacher/librarian collaboration with practical applications, this title is a worthy purchase. . .Useful, well-researched information combines with practical advice in this handy, valuable title.” —School Library Journal
Read! Perform! Learn! Two: Reader’s Theater Projects for Literacy Enhancement
Upstart Books, 2007
ISBN: 978-1602130128

The ten scripts in Read! Perform! Learn! Volume 2 make it easy for all of your students to be involved in each performance. Each chapter includes an introduction to the book and script, an author interview, the reader’s theater script and corresponding activities that connect to content standards.
Read! Perform! Learn! Ten Reader’s Theater Projects for Literacy Enhancement
Upstart Books, 2006
ISBN: 978-1932146592

“As a curriculum enhancement resource for educating of children grades K-5 in the subjects of literature, theater, and English Language Arts, Read! Perform! Learn! is very strongly recommended for library media specialists, children's librarians, and classroom teachers, and home schooling parents.” —Midwest Book Review
ABC Read to Me: Teaching Letter of the Week in the Library 
Upstart Books, 2009
ISBN: 978-1602130449

From A to Z, this book offers an array of delightful picture book suggestions, as well as a variety of engaging reading, writing, thinking, and creative activities to accompany each letter of the alphabet.
Toni Buzzeo and YOU
Libraries Unlimited, 2005
ISBN: 978-159158211

“This virtual visit is from Toni Buzzeo, one of our own media specialists and award-winning children's book author. Not only do you learn about Toni's early life, but you also find the path she took to become an author…. Truly a gift for all library media specialists…. This book makes me want to have Toni Buzzeo for my next author visit. Highly Recommended." —Library Media Connection
Terrific Connections with Authors, Illustrators, and Storytellers: 
Real Space and Virtual Links
Libraries Unlimited, 1999
ISBN: 978-1563087448

“Using anecdotes and examples from schools across the country, Buzzeo and Kurtz offer advice on how to create positive encounters between students in grades K-12 and ‘bookpeople’--authors, illustrators, and storytellers. Readers are walked through successful visits; given pointers on choosing the right guest (glamorous or convenient, expensive or affordable, experienced or novice, etc.); and offered suggestions on how to make the most of curriculum connections before the visit.” —School Library Journal
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